Apple A Day Visit to WIRED Health 2015

By Laura McKinlay

Being asked to do a brain training app game before and after a shot of tequila is not a typical Friday afternoon task for us here at Apple a Day.


However, that is exactly what we did waiting for the start of the afternoon session of the second WIRED Health conference last Friday. WIRED Health is an event designed to introduce, explain and predict trends in the medical and personal healthcare industries, filled with extraordinary innovators showcasing how technology is changing the health sector.


So the aim of the before and after tequila exercise was to test people’s performance of a new mind game, Peak. Some of us gained higher results with no alcohol, others higher with - we look forward to hearing the overall results!

After Peak, we wandered around the booths, which were filled with interesting and innovative technology devices ranging from supercharged revolutions in genomics to enhancing the human body with advanced prosthetic limbs, some even in glitter and gold!


One for the ladies, “Alice in Continent”, was a game you play with your lady bits using an internally wearable tech device that pairs with a smart phone to exercise those pelvic floor muscles.  And yes, one man did ask, where do you put it?

We were then called into the main theatre space for the sessions to begin and were given the great opportunity to hear from some amazing speakers, our favourites detailed below:

Marc Koska - the inventor of the K1 non-reusable syringe, which he estimates has saved over 1.5 million lives. He taught us that persistence pays off if you have a great idea you passionately believe will make a difference to public health.

Tony Young – National Clinical Director for Innovation at the NHS, a proud Essex boy with a pioneering dream which is finally coming true; some 2 million square feet of health innovation space across three sites in south England, providing 12,000 new jobs. It wasn’t that easy though, he did mortgage his house to fund it which nearly prompted a divorce!

Rory Sutherland – a very entertaining and funny man to listen to, focused on human behaviour and choice. One life lesson from Rory, it is a hard life for Gin and Tonic lovers - when presented with the wine list at a restaurant how likely are you to ask for anything other than ‘white’ or ‘red’?

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