Demystifying creativity

As I mentally start packing for Eurobest, I am already scheduling time with the team to review what won and to try to unpick why.

While a marketing meta exercise, delving into trends shared by the award winners is instructive, inspirational and irresistible. Debating the best work is one of the reasons we love award shows. Creativity is subjective. Winning a Lion, an Oscar or the Turner Prize is down to a human jury, not an impartial scoreboard.

Which is why Creativity is an endless topic that fascinates us and beats out all other other buzz words year on year. Every industry is eager to discover the secret to creativity, as evidenced by the cornucopia of booksSlideShares and coaches

But can you demystify creativity? 

We recently held our own conference, titled D2:Creativity. It was our 11th event in a series I originally christened ‘Demystifying Digital’ to reflect our mission of providing practical, inspirational and useful information our clients. Affectionately nicknamed D2, the shorter title stuck, especially as we branched out to wider themes like Content (2012), Storytelling (2013) and The Audience (2014).

So I’m a big fan of investigating not just the work, but the process of being creative. I love the Eurobest 2015 programme concept of makers and breakers.

How To Disrupt Your Business

My must-see talk has to be H+K’s contribution on Tuesday, 01 Dec on the Studio Stage at 4pm. Join our own Richard MillarSimon Shaw, and our friend Jon Barnes of Hyper Island, who will share how we started a creative movement within our own agency. (I'm admittedly biased, but it is a great story.)

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If there is indeed a secret to being creative, it is culture. People want to believe that ‘a good idea can come from anywhere’ but the truth is that creativity needs the right nutrients.

I can’t wait to harvest inspiration from across the festival. Let us know if you’ll be at Eurobest and which session is your own top pick. Follow on Twitter here or here or here, as our team will share highlights from all three days. 

Candace Kuss

Hill & Knowlton Strategies Search