Five Questions on Using Social to Promote your Agency

Candace joined a virtual WPP global round table to share her top tips for using digital platforms to help promote an agency's own brand

The lovely folks at WPP's global newspaper, The Wire, asked me these questions as part of a virtual round table. If you have an Inside WPP log-in, you can read the whole article here which features smart answers from the whole panel. My answers are below. Tweet me any of your own tips — this is a topic of great interest for all us 'carpenter's children'.

1. Do you have a different strategy – and audience – for each social media channel? For example does Facebook serve a different purpose to LinkedIn?

Social needs to be more sophisticated now, so yes, I very much agree that different platforms serve different purposes. We have an overall strategy with a different content emphasis and distribution model to cover our target audiences. For example, Facebook is about our staff and alumni. That’s where we post the Christmas party photos and profiles of our talent. For our recent D2: The Audience conference, we use a content aggregator like ScribbleLive to pull in tweets, Instagrams and YouTube videos documenting the live event. As part of our client work, we talk to bloggers, vloggers and other influencers, so we sometimes use Twitter to converse with them.

2. Which types of content are most effective to share? Do you switch people off by having too much about yourselves?

H+K London has a written content strategy with multiple conversational territories including our clients, our people, our industry and our neighbourhood. So we mix it up. We have an active group of staff bloggers here that write about issues effecting our diverse clients’ industries, which gives us a far ranging scope of topics. Content with a strong POV and great visuals or videos is effective for us, as it is for brands. We do post our career opportunities on Twitter and LinkedIn, which is one kind of ‘about us’ content that people really like to share.

3. How do you control your company’s social media output? Do you have one person in charge? Should you have a social media policy and how do you mediate between the corporate and the personal?

Every company needs a codified social media policy and H+K has one globally that is part of the induction packet for all new joiners. Individuals can decide for themselves how much they want to share about H+K on their own channels, but they are governed by common sense and these official written guidelines. As part of a public company, what staff can say online is similar to how you would speak in a pub. For our agency accounts, we have a rotating team of six people as community managers. Our social team is from across the agency sectors, with the centralised management living in business development as part of our overall marketing.

4. How do you know if your social media strategy is working? Likes/retweets/followers? Or something else?

We measure traffic to our website as an important metric. Twitter is doing a great job for us there. Everyone likes to be liked, but Retweets are much more valuable as they amplify reach. We admittedly love it when our clients follow us.

5. Where does social media fit into your overall communications strategy, and how important is it?

Agencies are small businesses at heart and social is an important and cost effective way to share our brand with the UK and the world. Plus, as so much of our client work includes digital elements, we practice what we preach by taking social very seriously.

WPP people can read the full article on The Wire, which features additional expert answers from Drew Lewis, Ian McKee and Craig Rodney.

Candace Kuss

Hill & Knowlton Strategies Search