Where's Amber?

The H+K team goes in search of the Energy Secretary


Michael Stott searches high and low for the Energy Secretary

Sky News normally provides the conference game, in the form of top trumps cards of the main ministers. This year, H+K have instead been playing 'Where's Amber?' The Energy Secretary was billed for multiple attendances, with the assembled crowds waiting with bated breath for her to pronounce on policy. Alas! The game was somewhat of a frustration, the minister being a no-show at several fringes across Monday and Tuesday.

In fairness, one can hardly blame her. She is overseeing a rather large change to the subsidy regime, and the fringes are largely attended by industry insiders, most of who will have been looking forward to an opportunity to ask pointed questions of her.

What's clear from the few events she has attended is that the policy situation is still very much in flux: consultations are still open, policy is still being reviewed, the government is still conducting numerous meetings with its stakeholders. So it is unsurprising that she is unwilling to step out to speak on subjects where the conclusions may change in a few weeks' time.

Few clear steers from this conference then, but expect that to change before Christmas.

Photograph: One Campaign UK

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