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Food is rather popular across the internet, especially when it comes to video. At the end of 2015 food content had generated nearly 41B views. Overall popularity in food videos has exploded over the last few years with views of food-related content increasing 170% year-on-year.

During 2015 YouTube alone generated a total of 23B views of Food-related content. Then when combined, YouTube and Facebook account for nearly 90% of all food-related views.

Baking, Cakes and Cupcakes is a very large category representing 20% of all views in 2015. On that note, despite the beautiful thumbnail, this is not how you ice a cake:

71% of the food audience on YouTube is between 18 – 34 years old. The most viewed food video of 2015 was the Pizza Challenge by Rossana Posino

That exploding popularity in food, sparked the launch of the Facebook pages – Tasty and Proper Tasty from BuzzFeed. You might have seen these simple but compelling videos popping up in your feeds. Proper Tasty was the fastest-growing Facebook page BuzzFeed has launched, gathering 3.7 million followers and over 190 million video views in just a month.

Here’s how to make a cheese-stuffed pizza pretzel - within 24 hours, this video received 37 million views, 650,000 likes, and 750,000 shares. (It has now exceeded 108 million views!!)

Also, thanks to BuzzFeed over 12 Million people are now eating their fruit correctly.


If you’re a food brand, there’s plenty of ways to engaged your audience in a useful and entertaining video formats. The appetite is out there.



Stats source: Tubular Labs The Growth of Food Content on YouTube, December 2015



Mark Carroll

Hill & Knowlton Strategies Search