Get Set: The Most Marketable Athletes at the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games

This is worth a read:

Ahead of the Opening Ceremony in Rio, this is a welcomed change of narrative by Frank Dalleres and his sports team at City AM. Great work!

This is a perfect example of sport's ability to spark debate and ignite passion. H+K Strategies was privileged to be invited to contribute as 'industry experts'. If our office is a proxy for what might happen in yours, expect some lively banter. Should Usain still be top of the pile? Bradley more marketable than Mo? Only two Paralympians listed? No room for what, in my opinion, will be one of the best story lines emerging from Rio: an athlete representing the first Refugee Team to compete in the Olympics.

Whatever your opinion, the impassioned amongst us will be pleased to see sport inevitably overtake headlines related to zika, transport problems, stadia readiness, political and economic instability, doping, crime and security. This familiar diet of issues related commentary ahead of most high profile sports events - Olympics or otherwise - sparks a debate of far greater significance: how compelled will cities be to host, and companies to sponsor, high profile sports events in the future? If the commonly held view is 'not very', the real legacy focus post Rio for everyone involved in the business of sport is to reverse this perception and remind cities, corporates and fans alike of Mandela's undeniable truth that "sport has the power to change the world". Arguably, not before it changes itself.

Bring on The Games. Good luck Rio!

Andy Sutherden

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