What we've been up to this week: 10 June

In a week filled with EU referendum debates, UEFA Euro sweepstakes, and a royal birthday, there was no shortage of excitement at H+K London.

Sunday saw the Great Women’s 10k – and 5,000 runners – descend on Glasgow. As part of Duracell’s ongoing partnership with the Great Run Series, H+K created PR activation to encourage UK runners to go further for longer. Duracell bunny pacers led the line to allow participants to achieve their best time, while hundreds of onlookers showed their support with personal messages written on Duracell #PowerBoards.

We kicked off Tuesday with an inspiring and personal presentation from brand director at P&G Northern Europe, Roisin Donnelly, as part of our H+K HER series. Roisin spoke about how from the young age of nine she had faced issues of gender equality when doing her newspaper round. Since that moment she has continued to battle stereotypes and preconceptions in the workplace and in her work, mirrored by P&G’s recent #likeagirl campaign that saw the brand take ownership of feminist issues.

Thursday saw us celebrate 1 year of our Big Night In events, where we share the best work going on across the agency with a fair few pizza boxes and bottles of beer. This week we witnessed the work of our Tech and Sports team, with a sprinkling of celebrity name-dropping, including Scarlett Johansen, Henry Cavill, Tom Daley, Jess Ennis-Hill and Stella McCartney to mention just a few! We also introduced our new By Day By Night initiative. This is where we hear from the amazing people that make up H+K, revealing their unknown pastimes, passions and pursuits that keep them busy outside the office.    

The Food + Drink team have been out and about with Robinsons. Following research conducted by Robinsons which found two out of three (64%) parents do not know how much water their children should be drinking each day, and 42% saying their children find the taste of water ‘boring’, Robinsons hosted a parenting blogger picnic event during the May half-term. Fifteen bloggers were invited down to the London Wetlands Centre to learn all about the Robinsons Enjoying More Water Campaign, which launched in January.

Whilst the children were taken off to enjoy some exciting outdoor activities, such as pond-dipping and bug-hunting, Helen Bond, a leading dietitian, educated the parents on how important keeping your children hydrated is, whilst busting some myths around the amount of sugar content in leading soft drinks. Following an hour or so of conversations on the importance of enjoying more water with Robinsons, an indoor picnic (due to the dreary weather) was loved by all the attendees.  Bloggers were asked to write a post on the day and this has resulted in a number of wonderful post coming through with great branding and learnings; most of which you can find on twitter under the hashtag #EnjoyMoreWater.

In our weekly Technology Speculators sessions we welcomed Takumi, an Instagram talent agency. A platform that continues to grow in popularity, it was interesting to hear how the company works with influencers across a wide range of brands on Instagram.

Last but not least we’ve been busy preparing for Cannes Lions, so keep checking back to find out the latest from the festival from H+Kers on the ground. If you’re going why don’t you come and join us at the Haymarket Hive Cabana?

Thanks for reading. All that’s left to say is: Happy Birthday Your Majesty!


Robert Isherwood

Hill & Knowlton Strategies Search