What we've been up to this week: 25 November

Understanding the Autumn Statement

This week our Public Affairs team has been carrying out an in-depth analysis of the autumn statement and its ramifications for different sectors. Want to understand what it means for you and your industry? Check out all the articles below:

Expat life in 1 word

Elsewhere this week the HSBC Expat team launched its latest project, “Expat Life Is”. Based on data from the Expat Explorer survey, the project interviewed 16,000 expats to discover how they describe life abroad in a single word or sentence. The HSBC Expat team worked with an expat poet, journalist, blogger, and an artificial intelligence to draw their own interpretations of expat life from the data

Making a stand on convenient online payments

The Visa team secured some top-notch coverage this week on the European Banking Authority’s proposals for Strong Customer Authentication. The proposals, if approved, would mean the end of fast checkout and one-click online payments. Visa, understandably, is not best pleased about this. The Visa team, working with Populus, undertook consumer research that revealed that half of UK consumers would abandon their online purchases if extra steps were added to the checkout process, and we pitched out the findings on Tuesday. As well as getting a bunch of trade coverage we also secured an interview with BBC News Online and were featured on The Daily Mail’s site and in print.

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