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Typically FPS spends Thursday evenings in the H+K bar, hotly debating the merits of Prawn Cocktail vs Salt & Vinegar. Last Thursday however we changed things up, heading to London’s ping pong mecca, Bounce, for some competitive action. 20 players, 2 tables and 120 minutes of sweat, skill and (quite a bit of) swearing.

Ping pong can be an infuriating game and as it turns out not as simple as you might imagine – while we’re masters of turning complex financial issues into easy to digest content for Britain’s savers, it quickly became clear the table tennis serve (it has to bounce on both sides of the table) is a far trickier proposition.

It also became clear just how competitive a bunch we are. Trans-Atlantic rivalry came to the fore (thanks to our strong North American contingent), people in their 30s decided now was a good time to show the young bucks how things are done, and our leader made ample use of his sweatband. This author meanwhile was annoying most of the players by getting close to the action to snap as many photos and videos as possible in the vague hope some of them would come out well.

In the end it came down to a final between our well-dressed English gentleman, Alexander and his antipodean teammate Verity, versus the Boss and this author. It was close, tense and (on rare occasions) skilful. But there can only be one winner. Team Sweatband took the prize and with it at least 30 seconds of glory.

David Chambers

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