Have your say in the 2014 Expat Explorer survey!

We opened the annual Expat Explorer survey this week. Find out what happened here...

We've been busy this week opening HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey - calling upon expats from around the world to share their experiences of living and working abroad.

This is the seventh year of Expat Explorer where expats are invited to voice their opinions on all aspects of life overseas including:

  • Expat Economics – covering expat financial wellbeing;
  • Expat Experience – looking at expat quality of life and;
  • Raising Children Abroad – revealing the best places for expat families.

As well as launching the opening of the survey via traditional media routes securing coverage on the likes of the Daily Telegraph and expat or HR-focused sites like Expat Info Desk, AngloInfo and OnRec, the team here has also been working closely with our WPP sister agencies HeathWallace and MindShare to make it the biggest and best survey yet.

On Twitter, paid social media advertising was activated to broaden the reach of the survey opening to expats online and encourage them to take part. In addition, we also promoted the launch with these beautiful in-stream Twitter images, designed by HeathWallace to maximise interest and engagement with the Expat Explorer survey.




There are three of these images in the #EESurvey14 series and you can keep an eye out for them this month by following @expatexplorer.

If you’re an expat living or working abroad? Spare 15 minutes to have your say in this global expat survey by visiting: http://bit.ly/expat2014.

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