The rounders round-up

Following an ill-tempered ping pong tournament earlier in the year, some observers may have recommended that the FPS team take a break from internal competition for fear of long term divisions. But great men and women are forged in the fire of the sporting arena, and with this in mind we went to it again this month – playing the annual FPS rounders match in Regent’s Park.

Not disheartened by a negligible knowledge of the sport’s rules, or a lengthy trek to the pitch, the two sides took to the field. Without any sports nutritionists on hand, a balanced diet of pork pies, crisps and beer provided our sustenance for the evening. Our resident data specialists are yet to confirm any correlation between the food and drink options, lack of warm-up and the subsequent stiffness that beset half the team’s bodies over the following days. It’s safe to say that one important lesson learnt is that stretching before playing sport is actually useful. As is actual fitness.

In between searching for Pokemon, showing off in front of Jamie (our newest recruit, meeting the team for the first time) and arguing over who had actually won the competition, some great ‘boomerang’ videos were also taken. Check out this footage taken by the night’s true winner, Joey Ng, of the sort of lovely people we work with here day in, day out.






Ralph Sedgwick

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