A Minister tries to do his day job

Media reports suggest last night’s bout between the Prime Minister and Nigel Farage was a ‘low score draw’, and as expected the biggest trouble for the PM came from the audience who booed him for failing to answer a question about getting immigration under control.  The battle goes on today, with Vote Leave breathing a sigh of relief Farage didn’t completely derail their project and now hoping to focus on security.

Meanwhile some Ministers are trying to get on with the day job.  Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin says he’s doing his best to get a decision over Heathrow’s third runway before the summer recess, though he admits the timing is tight, given the need to patch the Conservative Party back together in July and over the summer.  Despite this push, he’s also reported to be floating the idea of a tax on diesel to cut air pollution.  This could cause quite a stink, given his party’s support for drivers and the pressure backbenchers have brought to bear to keep petrol prices down.  Every idea at the moment however is simply being ‘floated’ because the Government does not know yet what the fallout from the referendum will be, in either direction.  Hold your breath for another few weeks yet…

Michael Stott

Hill & Knowlton Strategies Search