An Amicable(ish) Divorce

Danny Alexander swipes at the Conservatives but the Lib Dems

The Lib Dems have struggled during this campaign to achieve much cut-through. Their position of giving a heart to the Tories and a head to Labour has failed to excite the public or media.  To an extent, they have also held back from being overly critical of their former coalition partners in a likely bid to keep options open for a repeat.

 Danny Alexander’s comments today went against the grain in that respect. He effectively outed the Conservative Party's attempts to limit child benefit and tax credit to two children in a bid to save £8bn, which the Lib Dems supposedly blocked. Cameron will no doubt be frustrated by the comments since a great deal of uncertainly looms around where the axe will fall on benefits in the next Parliament.

 It’s not all bad news for Cameron today however. The Sun has officially endorsed the Tories in its front-page today. Meanwhile the Scottish edition has endorsed the SNP. This is yet another example of the astonishing transformation in Scotland that is taking place since during the referendum, Salmond made much of the fact that the Scottish press near unanimously was anti-SNP. 


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