David Cameron and the Global Climate Change Agenda

Cameron and G7 leaders act bold on climate change.

The US, Germany, France, the UK, Japan, Canada and Italy – encouraged by a particularly vocal Angela Merkel – declared support for cutting greenhouse gases by 40%-70% by 2050 from 2010 levels.  Such a pledge certainly adds to the momentum building towards the Paris COP 21 talks later this year, and sends an important signal to negotiators in Bonn who are currently setting the scene for the Paris talks.

 UK based environmental groups such as Greenpeace UK are pleased with David Cameron for now and are using the announcement to spur him into action at home and internationally on climate change. But this will most certainly be a short lived honeymoon.

 With investment uncertainty for renewable developers looming, the axe hanging over subsidies and shale gas momentum continuing, Cameron’s every domestic move will soon be tied back to his international pledges. We may be witnessing the return of Arctic Husky Hugging Cameron rhetorically, but green groups and businesses will want to see tangible proposals domestically to meet expectations. And this pressure on Cameron will only build in the run up to COP 21.   


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