EU update: Short but sweet

Mission success for PM but now comes the hard part of making it a reality

The general feedback from David Cameron setting out the scope of his EU renegotiation plan has been positive. Reports are that Cameron’s “brief” speech was well-received by his EU counterparts. This probably has more to do with the fact that Cameron took time to brief each head of government beforehand. Ensuring there were no surprises and appreciation of taking the time to give personal touch. The pithiness of the speech demonstrates a self-awareness and humility in light of greater issues of Greece and EU Migrant. Some detractors may criticise Cameron for a lack of detail or bemoan the slow progress but they are more focussed on political point-scoring and some eurosceptics will never be satisfied. Cameron ‘merely setting the parameters’ shows he now has an understanding of how things get done in Brussels. The important thing for the PM is that he can go back to the House of Commons and categorically tell MPs there has been progress. Now the hard part starts of turning policy requests into reality.


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