The beginning of the end

Tony Blair is really worried about a Corbyn-led Labour party. But does anyone care?


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Tony Blair just can’t stop talking about Jeremy Corbyn. Yesterday the former Labour PM once again appealed to Labour party members not to vote for Corbyn in the upcoming Labour leadership contest. Blair asked members to put aside any differences they had with him personally and to waken up to the fact that Labour “is walking eyes shut, arms outstretched over the cliff’s edge to the jagged rocks below.” Blair’s emotive appeal comes only a few weeks after he suggested that anyone whose heart was with the hard-left Corbyn should get a transplant.

With registration for voting in the leadership election closing yesterday, Labour officials saw a surge of late registrations, most of which are expected to be from Corbyn supporters. The party has seen a wave of registrations from new entrants, taking the total number of voters to over 600,000. As a result, Corbyn is now favourite to win the election.

Blair’s intervention is unlikely to have any sway on those tempted to vote for Corbyn. New entrants are attracted to the Islington MP precisely because he offers an alternative to the Blairite wing of the party, while older members are by no means all well-disposed to the former leader. Speculation is mounting that another ex-Labour leader, Gordon Brown, whose cache with the left remains stronger, may soon speak out against Corbyn. At this stage that may be too little too late however. 

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