Yes we can

The wording of the EU referendum question may prove a key boost for the pro-Europe camp

"Should the UK remain a member of the EU?" That is the question voters will likely be asked in the UK’s EU referendum. Recently there has been some debate around the wording of the question, a vital issue given the significance phrasing can have on the way a referendum question is perceived. Campaigners for staying in the EU will likely be delighted the question will be phrased as above, as it allows them to campaign on the ‘Yes’ side of the argument.

Following the Scottish independence referendum last year, many political observers felt that those campaigning for Scotland to remain part of the UK were hindered by representing the ‘No’ campaign, while backers of Scottish independence were boosted by the more optimistic approach afforded by representing ‘Yes’. Arguing for the ‘Yes’ side of the debate will allow pro-EU supporters to strike a more optimistic, hopeful tone.

The wording of the EU referendum question is good news for David Cameron personally. The PM, while committing the UK to a referendum, believes the country should remain part of the EU. This view is shared widely by Cameron’s frontbench team and the fact that they will likely represent the ‘Yes’ faction makes their goal just a little bit more attainable. 


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