Mobile World Congress – H+K Tech’s Essential Survival Guide

With Mobile World Congress just around the corner. H+K's Tech Practice decided to put their heads together to help you survive MWC 2015.

With just under a fortnight to go until the extravaganza that is Mobile World Congress begins, H+K’s Tech Practice decided to put together a definitive guide to surviving the event based on the collective experiences of the team. Follow these steps and take MWC by the horns.

1.       Book in advance

If you haven’t booked your hotel already it might be time to get searching. Hotels typically fill up pretty fast in the run up to the show, but if you can’t find a room don’t despair. Renting an apartment can be an affordable and convenient alternative to a hotel. Leave it too late though and you might be sleeping here.

2.       Get to grips with the subway

If you haven’t managed to get a hotel or apartment close to Fira getting to grips with Barcelona’s subway network is essential. You don’t want to find yourself going the wrong way and ending up at beach! Hint: The ticket machines all have an English language option – don’t try and be a hero.

3.       Print your pass in advance

Avoid long queues at the Fira by collecting your badge at the airport. The airport registration is open until midnight on Sunday 1st March and everyday throughout the event. There’s no need to get stressed standing in the queue on day one.

4.       Wear sensible shoes

Just bought a new pair of shoes? The Fira is a huge venue, and if you want to get to keynotes, panels and briefings with minimal pain and discomfort, broken-in flats are a must have. Stilettos are a definite no - we don’t care if you look:

5.       Find a good bar

Mobile World Congress is an assault on the senses and, whilst enjoyable, taking time to unwind is crucial. You don’t want to burn out by Tuesday lunchtime! Luckily, Barcelona has got some great places to relax, whether you want a classy café on the Placa de Catalunya or somewhere a bit more lively near the Plaza Real. One of our personal favourites is McCarthy’s. Yes, it’s an Irish bar but the staff are friendly, and as well as the obligatory Guinness they have a great range of cocktails, spirits and other beverages. If you want something a bit more upmarket check out the Tandem Cocktail Bar or Dry Martini Bar.


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6.       Take a “snack” pack

Mobile World Congress is big, and there is a lot going on. Thousands of people attend and there is nothing worse than having to run around an event hungry and thirsty because you don’t have time to queue for a cup of tea. Some of the bigger stands give out free tea and coffee, so it is worth doing a “reccy” early on. Don’t put too much faith in the generosity of tech giants though. Take snacks and a drink.

7.       Take the RIGHT bag

Remember you will be carrying this all day, so it needs to be big enough to fit everything in, but not so big that you are smacking people in the face whenever you turn round. Of course you could always keep things hands free with this stylish number, as modelled by Jared Leto:

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8.       Have fun!

If like many from the PR and marketing world your key role at MWC is looking after a booth and hunting down media for interviews do make sure you find time to explore the rest of event. There is a whole array of exciting things to see as companies vie to grab the most attention. Take it from H+K Tech’s own Catherine Jones who would have missed out on the Champions League Trophy had she not gone exploring!


Thanks from H+K Tech and remember - preparation is key.

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