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The Queen's Speech: Resetting the Agenda
Ben Glaze, The Mirror’s Deputy Political Editor, talks to H+K London’s Lee Whitehill about why the Queen’s Speech is such an important political moment, as well as what bills to look out for and how Westminster lobby journalists cover the speech.
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H+K STRATEGIES delivers deep sector knowledge and a breadth of public relations expertise which enable us to solve complex communications challenges for our clients.  Our ‘breadth and depth’ model allows us to bring together the best expertise and specialisms from across the industry to create agile teams for our clients. 

Our approach is a blend of strategy, creativity and innovation underpinned with data + analytics


H+K delivers deep sector knowledge and breadth of public relations expertise which enable us to solve complex communications challenges for our clients.
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We provide the highest value services to our clients. In addition to our core expertise we constantly innovate to help clients overcome the challenges that they face by developing new specialisms.
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From finding the most relevant influencers to measuring the results of a campaign in real-time, we have products and tools to ensure that our work delivers for our clients.
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