Healthcare: A Discussion the Whole Community Should Be Having

by H+K Global

June 18, 2016

Healthcare: A Discussion the Whole Community Should Be Having

Innovative and creative communication is no longer limited to traditional consumer brands. The health sector has recently witnessed an incredible surge in creative campaigns that convey strong messages and highlight key issues. Lions Health is only a three year old category at the Cannes Lions festival, but it’s already carved out a space for itself, inspiring … Read more

As UK Exits EU, the World Enters a New Era

Changes in the balance of power are always preceded by changes in the nature of communication. Last week’s decision by the U.K. to exit the European Union is the direct result of our decades-long move toward a dis-intermediated public sphere, in which all groups have an equal chance at being heard, not just those in … Read more

H+K London strengthens data analytics capabilities

LONDON – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) London has hired Vinay Chhana and Thomas Jackson to bolster its data capabilities across the agency. Vinay joins as a Data Consultant, and will be responsible for shaping the way we measure & examine data. He will play a key role in mapping how H+K assesses performance iteratively and delivers … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies partners with Brandwatch to launch unique influencer mapping dashboard


Cannes, 21st June, 2016 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies unveils its new influencer mapping dashboard, Sherlock+, at Cannes Lions today. Built in partnership with Brandwatch, the social intelligence company, it provides a unique, real-time perspective on the people that have the most impact across eight different industries and 45 core topics. The dashboard is created using ‘VIP lists’ of key … Read more

Mind the gap? Yes, I do!

This week I’m feeling super retro.  Why, you might ask?  Because research released last week revealed that over the past two decades, the pay gap for educated women has remained the same.  That means no improvement since 1996 – a time when ‘The Rachel’ was considered a viable haircut and The Spice Girls were still together. … Read more