After the Loudspeaker: Turkey’s Unconventional Coup

by Jack Martin

Global Chairman, CEO
August 1, 2016

After the Loudspeaker: Turkey’s Unconventional Coup

The defining moment of a military coup has always been the one in which a new voice rings out over a loudspeaker, announcing an end to the old order of things. Everything before that moment is a war game, followed by a show of force. Everything afterward belongs to the realm of politics. For most … Read more

We Went to Rio So You Don’t Have To

Here Are Three Golden Trends We SawThe next best thing to attending the Olympics in Rio and seeing innovative communications strategies firsthand is having more than a dozen Hill+Knowlton Strategies associates on the ground to see, feel, and experience all the revolutionary ways customers are interacting with brands. As the XXXI Olympiad draws to a … Read more