The ‘social licence’ myth

by H+K Canada

October 5, 2016

The ‘social licence’ myth

Original post published by the National Post on October 4, 2016. The term “social licence” is fast becoming one of those ubiquitous expressions that everyone uses, but nobody understands. To some, social licence is a shield used to defend the public interest. To others, it is a sword used to strike down specific infrastructure projects or other … Read more

Brand Superheroes: What’s Your Origin Story?

Originally posted here.  IN THE FIRST AVENGERS MOVIE, you see a team of superheroes join together to fight a common enemy. They use their powers to save the world, with little to no regard for their own safety. But you don’t know why. You don’t know what makes the Avengers The Avengers. For that you … Read more

Can Content Marketing Succeed Without Clickbait? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Sunset Parachute

Who hasn’t been taken in by clickbait? You’re scrolling through Facebook, and all of a sudden you see it—a headline that makes bold, vague claims about what you’re about to click on. You’ll never believe it. You’ll be shocked. You will never look at this thing the same way again. When you get to the … Read more

Brand Superheroes: Finding Your Power and Purpose

Original story posted here.  “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben SPIDERMAN IS THE WALL CRAWLER. Superman is the Man of Steel. The Hulk has extraordinary size and strength; Black Widow is an expert assassin; and Aquaman can, um…well he can talk to fish (yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but … Read more

M&A Icebergs Ahead: Public Opinion, Regulatory Enforcement, and Communications Strategy

Public skepticism of big business and increased regulatory scrutiny of merger transactions have emerged as significant threats to large M&A deals. This risk is particularly evident following a string of regulatory decisions that have upset several major announced deals this year. In April 2016, the Treasury Department adopted new regulations related to so-called tax inversions, … Read more

Oreo: Creating cut-through to support a new product

In August 2015, the world’s number one biscuit brand, Oreo, launched two new flavours into the UK market: Golden Oreo and Peanut Butter Oreo. H+K was briefed to drive awareness of the new flavours amongst the mum and millennial audience. To do this, the team created a three pronged celebrity, media and influencer programme, designed … Read more

Content and publishing strategies for a global sponsorship portfolio

H+K has been responsible for bringing quality and consistency to HSBC’s Sport sponsorship portfolio.  With the merging of HSBC Golf, HSBC Rugby and the HSBC Tennis social channels into the newly created HSBC Sport channels, there was an unprecedented requirement for a consistent identity for all of HSBC’s sport sponsorship’s. This process led with the creation … Read more

Caring for the carer: innovation in schizophrenia management

Otsuka and Lundbeck, developers of the schizophrenia drug, Abilify Maintena, approached us with a communications brief for a public affairs programme which would make a difference to the lives of more than 26 million people worldwide living with schizophrenia.  H+K recognized the need to go beyond the more traditional route of patient education, and focused … Read more

Disrupting the oil + gas sector

Oil + gas consultancy, io, launched in January of 2015 with a mission to turn the sector on its head. With tumbling oil prices, 2/3 of industry projects over-budget, cancelled or delayed and 73% of industry leaders agreeing that they are increasingly challenged to assess risks and returns of major programmes, io understood that things … Read more

Best in class content marketing

HSBC Expat provides financial products and services for people living and working abroad. Eight years ago they asked us to make them famous among their key customer base of expats. We knew that moving abroad was an emotional journey as much as a practical one. People need useful information about their new life abroad as … Read more