Copeland and Stoke Central by-election results

by H+K United Kingdom

February 24, 2017

Copeland and Stoke Central by-election results

Brexit Vote

The failure of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party to retain both seats in the by-elections held yesterday has already resulted in recriminations from within the official opposition, with some calling the results a ‘disaster’.  Indeed they were a disaster, for those who would like to see Corbyn fall from grace.  Despite losing Copeland, Labour held Stoke … Read more

A Bad Deal for the UK is a Bad Deal for Europe

It’s not all doom and gloom in politics. For those worried that the Brexit negotiations will result in a bad deal for the UK and the City of London, you will be pleased with this latest news. Two weeks ago, a report from the European Parliament’s influential Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (Econ) was … Read more

How can energy policy get the scrutiny it deserves?

End of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee There was a sense of inevitability about the announcement that from October 2016 the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee will be no more. In the Committee’s seven year history it has done an excellent of job of examining the deeply complicated and entwined nature of … Read more

End of austerity: a window of opportunity for infrastructure

There is no denying that Brexit has sent shockwaves through the economy, and the business and investor communities. There are now conflicting opinions and in-fighting on economic blogs on what will be the immediate impact of Brexit. Nevertheless, sterling has seen a significant fall and there is consensus that the housing market, construction, and jobs … Read more

Keeping control of a driverless future

Every year, car manufacturers parade an array of new gadgets and concepts which promise to ‘revolutionise motoring’. While some are doomed to remain ideas, it’s pretty clear that driverless cars – once in the realms of sci-fi – are truly transforming the automotive industry. These cars and the technologies that support them, such as autonomous … Read more

Achieving Ambitions Abroad

The past fortnight has an exciting period for FPS, as the team launched the 9th annual HSBC Expat Explorer survey. The survey collated answers from people from all corners of the globe to paint a full picture of the expat community. Singapore maintained its place at the top of the overall league table, with 62% … Read more

Lochte Out: When to Ditch an Endorsement

You will find a Santander branch on most high streets. Inside, if you’re lucky, there will almost certainly be a cardboard cut-out of Formula One driver Jenson Button. As part of his duties to the McLaren F1 team, Jenson is required to stand and grin in every Santander branch up and down the country, two-dimensionally, … Read more

The Big Night In

At H+K we are proud to create and deliver brilliant ideas for our clients every day – a challenge made possible by learning from each other and inspiring each other. Once a month we come together to share our work and learnings, to make sure that everyone’s future path is shaped and strengthened by our past … Read more

Technology Speculators Sessions

Every week at H+K, we gather to dissect, debate and delight in the different aspects of communication technology. We call ourselves Technology Speculators, because our mission is to explore the latest digital tools that can improve how our clients communicate with their audiences. Our intentionally eclectic curriculum is a chance to hear directly from major … Read more

Hot topics at Lisbon Web Summit 2016

Lisbon played host to Web Summit this year – the first time where the event was held outside of Dublin. With over 21 conferences taking place across four pavilions and the MEO arena, the former EXPO ’98 venue provided the perfect home to Europe’s largest technology event. On opening night, there was a distinct air … Read more