Sustainability, transformation and magical thinking

by H+K United Kingdom

February 22, 2017

Sustainability, transformation and magical thinking

Depending on which echo chamber you listen to, sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are either ways to transform health and social services or secret proposals to slash services so the NHS reaps £22 billion in efficiency savings. Healthcare think tank the King’s Fund today describes STPs as the “best hope”  for transforming health and social … Read more

Tuesday Team Talk: Alistair Cook, Joe Root and why the England captaincy has become one of the toughest jobs in sport

Welcome to Tuesday Team Talk. Every week, the H+K Sports team will give a unique perspective on the stories making the headlines across the world of sport. For what has been a tricky and unforgiving final year as England captain, Alistair Cook can now look back at what he has achieved with the utmost pride. … Read more

“Our Paint Is Light”: How A Japanese Art Collective Is Mixing The Digital And Physical

The digital age sits on a foundation of paradoxes. Social networks connect us, but we remain physically apart. Digital tools for collective action, from crowdfunding to online petitions, rarely bring us together. All too often, technology stimulates our minds but leaves our bodies inactive. Can these contradictions between the digital and physical be reconciled? TeamLab, … Read more

Risk is the New Caution

Without risk, growth is impossible. In the boardroom, this is not a controversial statement. Corporations have always understood that without calculated risk, they might survive but would cease innovating and expanding into new markets. But in communications, risk isn’t sought out. A reticent communications policy, built of intermittent press releases, annual and quarterly reports, and … Read more

Brick-And-Mobile: How Shopping Is Becoming Social

shopping for vinyl

Shopping is changing drastically. Our entire customer journey – from discovery to research to the point of purchase – has moved online and become intuitive and social. In many ways today, products find us just as much as we find them. The advents of mobile technology and social media have been crucial factors in this … Read more

Jose Mourinho is The Premier League’s Editor-in-chief

Put yourself in the shoes of Jose Mourinho during United’s defeat at the hands of Chelsea. 4-0 down against his former club Mourinho could clearly see a relatively positive media reaction to United’s start the season slipping away. Most managers at this point would probably be focusing on what tactical change he could make to … Read more