What we've been up to

by H+K Global

June 15, 2017

What we've been up to

In Canada, to help Centrum build trust in and credibility for its multivitamins, we created a surround sound of content to elevate the category. Deconstructing the audience by life stages, we mapped our roster of nine influencers back to each stage. They created compelling content that showcased how they incorporate multivitamins into their daily lives. With … Read more

General Election series: who’s in and who’s out in financial services?

The Conservatives’ dramatic loss of their majority has largely been seen as a positive thing by those in the financial services community, with Theresa May’s more unpopular ideas on corporate governance areas financial services may wish to see shelved in what has been described as a ‘collegiate’ approach to Government, where the Cabinet as a whole … Read more

General Election series: Labour’s prospects

The Labour Party now faces a make-or-break few months. Claiming that they “won”, while not strictly true, has placed them in a position many did not expect following Theresa May’s announcement that an election would be held. What will be most intriguing to see is the extent to which Labour comes together or falls apart … Read more