“As Clear as Mud”

by H+K United Kingdom

September 26, 2017

Revolutionary Socialism

Revolution is a word that has been used a lot at the Labour conference. Though this actually has very little to do with the current leadership, but more to do with a palpable sense of excitement about changes in the economy. As well as the usual abundance of fringes on public services, it is notable … Read more

Creativity + New Reality Live-Stream

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We are now live on Facebook! View here or join the conversation on our page. New Reality, Same Old Brain – Matt Battersby, Behavioural Scientist Pete Beeney, Global Agency Lead, Spotify Branding in a Screenless World Nanette Braun, Chief of Communications and Advocacy, UN Women Redefining CSR in Marketing Redefining CSR in Marketing Jessica Walsh, … Read more

Privacy? Sure, I want it

Welcome to THE BIG TECH QUESTION, a monthly feature where we ask members of the H+K Technology team to debate the latest issues in tech and beyond This month we ask: IS PRIVACY OVERRATED? Arguing the case “For” privacy is Charlie Morgan Privacy is a complex discussion point. For instance, is it OK for anyone to … Read more

Can Creativity Keep Healthcare Human?

Creativity Healthcare

This article originally appeared on PR Week.  Jess Walsh, MD of health and wellness at Hill+Knowlton London and former patient advocate, thinks it’s time to take a breather from the shiny to consider how creativity can help increase compassion and public understanding as technology runs away with healthcare. The below is an excerpt of her … Read more

Creativity + New Reality

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Today is H+K’s annual creativity symposium at Kings Place, London! We’re excited to hear from engaging speakers and network with 300 influential brands and influencers. This year’s theme is Creativity + New Reality, which will focus on how culture and technology are shaping the ways we consume, connect and do business. From virtual reality to … Read more

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The Impact of the German Election on Labour Party Prospects

The German Federal Election saw Angela Merkel re-elected for a fourth term with her party winning 33% of the vote. Despite coming out on top, the Chancellor’s alliance between the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) returned their worst result since 1949. Another party to see their poorest results in the post-war … Read more

Labour’s guerrilla war

There are few times in history when a General Election loss has put a Labour leader in such a strong position. For the first summer since 2014 Labour has not been undergoing a leadership election and Party conference will not mark the end of a long, hard-fought battle. Moreover, Corbyn’s position seems relatively unassailable, at … Read more

All politics is local – big players in China’s regional supply chain for national office

China Leadership

With the 19th Party Congress scheduled to kick off on October 18th, the behemoth on Beijing’s political calendar is now bearing down on us full-tilt, and speculation abounds as to which newcomers will fill the five expected vacancies on the Politburo Standing Committee (PBSC), China’s supreme decision-making panel. Beijing has a long tradition of cherry-picking … Read more