Q&A with The Holmes Report’s Aarti Shah

by H+K Global

October 19, 2017

Q&A with The Holmes Report’s Aarti Shah

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As Provoke17 approaches, we took the opportunity to speak with Aarti Shah, Head of Strategic Partnerships, COO, and Senior Editor at The Holmes Report about diversity, augmented reality, and what she’s looking forward to at the conference. As VR and AI become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, what can communications professionals do to stay ahead of … Read more

Turning the Table: Q&A with The Holmes Report CEO and Editor-in-Chief Arun Sudhaman

In the days leading up to Provoke17, Holmes Report’s Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Arun Sudhaman, sat down with us to describe the importance of trust and transparency during this shift to a fast-paced new reality. How do you prioritize the need for transparency while balancing confidentiality and the uncertainty of the political and communications landscape? I think it probably helps … Read more

3 Questions with H+K US CEO Alex Jutkowitz

Leading up to Holmes Report’s Global PR Summit, PRovoke17, we asked Alexander Jutkowitz, H+K US CEO, to tell us his perspective on the changing communications landscape. Alex will join the event as a panelist discussing navigating change in a new reality.How can brands innovate faster in a world of uncertainty?It all starts with how you define uncertainty. … Read more

Urban Tomorrow: Gemma Ginty on the future of smart cities

What exactly is a smart city? Ask anyone who has worked on these urban development projects and they’ll tell you that the definition is constantly changing. We asked Gemma Ginty, Urban Futures Lead at Future Cities Catapult, this and more in a conversation about the future of urban development and how cities can improve the … Read more

5 Questions with IBM's Paolo Sironi

Source: LinkedIn  IBM’s Watson is the machine that crushed Ken Jennings at Jeopardy, analyzes sports statistics to improve player performance, churns through 60 million pages of medical journals a second, and is learning to make diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Now, it’s being used to revolutionize the world of finance. Watson has grown up and its … Read more

No country for old communications – The Big e-Bang for rebooting Beijing’s public voice?

Mobile Communications

In recent years, the spectacular breaking of China’s digital dawn has unfolded at a pace and scale that has been unprecedented around the world. From ordinary citizens to massive conglomerates, the nation has fully plugged into the digital future, and Chinese officialdom has recognized the urgency of keeping up with its tech-savvy populace and corporates. … Read more

Do human needs always come first in technology? Insights from H+K’s Creativity + New Reality

In 2017, IBM Watson built the highlights for the Wimbledon Championships for the first time without human involvement. “Watson watched the game” said Jeremy Waite, Evangelist at IBM Watson. “He looked at 53 million data points from the last 27 years. He looked historically at all the data going back to 1877, listened to the … Read more

Will QR Codes Ever Find Love?

QR Codes

Future prospects uncertain for the homely squares One of the new features of Apple’s iOS 11 update is a quick-response (QR) code reader baked into the camera. Big news for consumers? Hardly. Since the busy little squares of black and white began proliferating in the mid-2000s — showing up everywhere from storefronts to packaging, food … Read more

Time to think outside of the packaging?

If you work in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector you have probably been losing sleep lately. From activist investors to changing retail models and the speed of Chinese manufacturing, there are diverse and disruptive forces impacting the big CPG companies and the brands they sell. In the not-so-distant past, CPG seemed like a safe … Read more

H+K London Launches Better Impact™ Offer

LONDON – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) launches Better Impact™, a performance strategy to empower businesses and brands to have a better impact on people and the planet. Framed around the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the new offer includes a Better Impact™ Score, which identifies which of the seventeen goals most align with a business’ … Read more