The Ethics of New Reality

by H+K United Kingdom

October 4, 2017

The Ethics of New Reality

As we discussed extensively in our Creativity + New Reality event last week, mixed reality technologies are developing rapidly. As always, new technologies lead us to new opportunities, as well as new challenges. We asked the members of Creativity + New Reality’s Mixed Reality panel one question: Are there any ethical issues that mixed reality … Read more

It’s tough at the top

Theresa May stood on the podium today with a huge task ahead of her. She needed to unite the cabinet, inject renewed energy and faith into the party, appeal to the electorate, show a human side, and outline her vision for the country. Mainly for reasons beyond her control – and for some within it … Read more

Red on blue – comparing the conferences

A party despondent about an election failure, with people on manoeuvres to unseat the leader. This year, that phrase could apply to both the major parties and their party conferences. The parties are united in their disunity, and neither has felt confident about their prospects in future elections. One thing linking the two conferences was … Read more

Boris is Boris

In the weeks leading up to the conference, the Foreign Secretary has been accused of undermining party unity and the Prime Minister in particular. So heading into conference the narrative was already set. The Conservatives were not all singing from the same hymn sheet and the headline writers pulled out their well fingered phrase books … Read more

What must the Tories do to appeal to young voters?

Looking through the Conservative Party Conference listings, it seems to have finally clicked for the Tories that they need to appeal to young voters, with packed events such as: A tale of two generations – can the Conservatives inspire the young and keep winning among older voters? How to attract younger voters The millennial manifesto: … Read more

Building an economy for the future – But please mind the gaps

As The Chancellor moved onto the second chapter of his address to the conference, he shifted gear to talk up the UK economy. After seemingly being in the policy shadows for some time, back was the Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine. The main policy headline was a new £300m investment into the railways of … Read more

Does the UK understand what other people think about Brexit?

Brexit is unsurprisingly the theme of many a fringe event at Conservative Party Conference this year. The event officially billed as Brexit: understanding how others see it, was described by a delegate as a Remainer regret session (as he angrily walked out). Conservatives for Europe hosted Antoinette Sandbach MP; Detlef Seif, CDU MP of the German Bundestag; … Read more

The birds and the BEIS – speeches from Day One

The order in which speeches are scheduled can sometimes tell you something about Government policy. This afternoon’s speeches in the hall of the Conservative Party conference consisted of those from the Secretaries of State for Culture, Media and Sport; Environment, Food and Rural Affair; Transport; and Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – four departments which … Read more