China Unveils First Economic Blueprint for “New Era”

by Benjamin Cooper

December 22, 2017

China Unveils First Economic Blueprint for “New Era”

Guomao Skyline China

Sketching out the inaugural roadmap for the Chinese economy in President Xi’s second term, China’s most important annual economic meeting outlined the broad policy priorities for 2018-2020. The “three tough battles” identified including preventing and defusing major risks, especially financial vulnerabilities, alleviating poverty, and controlling environmental degradation. Any direct mention of deleveraging was notably absent … Read more

Truth and Consequences: How Kids Learn to Think Critically about their Health and Beyond

When it comes to health, bogus and misleading claims are as common as dirt. And unfortunately, a lifetime of received wisdom can make it difficult to distinguish between advice grounded in scientific evidence and that grounded in folklore. People are often stubborn, resistant to change, and reluctant to learn new things when new facts contradict … Read more

What can we expect in 2018?

With 2017 coming to a close, we asked our experts across sports, data and insights, our behavioural science unit SMARTER and H+K’s creative studio Bisqit to give their predictions for the year to come. The only certainty for 2018 is continued uncertainty: Andy Sutherden, Global Sports Practice Director, Sports Marketing Brexit has exacerbated the ‘new … Read more

Call us by our name and call it what it is

Science has been under attack again recently, and as a team of health communicators, we have something say about it. Here’s why: Years of efforts to improve access to life-saving medicines through scientific innovation, advocacy, awareness and greater health literacy have improved lives – and underline the need to fight for voices that champion equality … Read more

What we’ve been up to in London – 15 December 2017

It’s the season for celebration! Find out how H+K London got involved with the Prince’s Trust, yet more awards and National Christmas Jumper Day. Last week, H+K helped launch the #IdeasMeanBusiness coffee shop as part of a new initiative by Innovate UK in partnership with The Prince’s Trust. Young people from across the country were … Read more

What we’ve been up to in London – 8 December 2017

It’s been a sweet one – find out what the Hill+Knowlton Strategies office in London has been up to in the past five days. This week, H+K’s Team Splenda opened the doors of the brand’s inaugural Sweet School; a pop-up classroom that hosted and – crucially – educated two groups of health, food + drink … Read more

Jack’s Perspective: Taking the Long View

Long-term investing — in people, products, and corporate cultures — is something I reflect on quite often. For a very simple reason: This is the triangulation of every successful business. My views are shaped by a lifetime of experiences, starting with my decision in the 1980s to create a consulting firm driven by Fifth Seat … Read more

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A case of ‘Awareness Day Fatigue’?

‘Awareness day fatigue’ is real. As industry and NGOs compete for cut-through the conversation, journalists would very much agree with the diagnosis—with 32 ‘official’ days in October alone, they struggle to view these as news with not even enough days in a month to cover them. World AIDS Day has the benefit of having a … Read more