Robot Ready?

by Sara Gourlay

Global Head of Technology
January 10, 2018

Robot Ready?

robot ready

By now we know that either 5G or AI is the glue that will hold our world together in the future. And what a world it will be if we believe that all the innovations and products on show at CES this week come to fruition. One of the joys of CES is seeing how … Read more

Bupa Challenge PGA Tour Latin America


Hill+Knowlton Latin America has been working with Bupa Global, helping the brand connect with its key stakeholders and target audience and amplify the impact of its brand through the motto, “longer, healthier, happier lives.” Searching for a way to further raise awareness and engage agents, customers, potential clients and the media in the region, Hill+Knowlton Latin America researched new … Read more

Tech Spectators: Twitter and the power of reverse cliff-hangers

Twitter is the largest publicly-available archive of human thought to have ever existed. Helen Lawrence from Twitter joined us for this week’s Technology Spectators, H+K’s weekly series of inspirational workshops organised by Director of Social Media Candace Kuss. Helen talked to us about #CreativeConnectWPP, Twitter’s new series of events to inform and inspire a global … Read more

What we’ve been up to – 19 January 2018

It’s been a week full of workshops and golf swings! Read on to find out what makes an award-winning campaign, voice assistant Alexa’s FAQs, how to encourage sustainable habits amongst colleagues, and what brought the Sports team to Abu Dhabi. This week saw the start of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, a European Tour golf … Read more

Older, wiser and just plain cool—5 pieces of health tech from CES 2018

Health tech has advanced at pace these last few years and, say what you will about other aspects of 2017, for advances in living better, it was a year of innovation. Innovations focused on short-term gains like step counters and heart-rate trackers for runners and gym bunnies have been side-lined from the spotlight in favour … Read more

The Blockchain Will See You Now

Blockchain Health

Originally published in WPP Health and Wellness’ “THINKWELL VOL. 2“.  Are you fascinated by blockchain technologies and intrigued by their potential applications to healthcare? Have you been waiting for an article that will explain it all perfectly? If so, this is not that article. How quickly this technology might transform healthcare is evident in looking … Read more

What we’ve been up to in London – 12 January 2018

Now that H+K London is settling in to the new year, our sector teams have been involved in an array of events and campaigns, from internal initiatives to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Our first Big Night In of 2018 also took place this week, an evening of pizzas and presentations held once a … Read more

Smart City-zens Required

smart cities

Unsurprisingly, smart cities are high on the agenda at CES this year, with a dedicated smart city showcase focused on bringing this most utopian of ideas to life. According to Navigant Research, we can expect to see a global market for smart city solutions and services of $97.9 billion in 2026. The development of smart cities … Read more