The Dave Robinson International Scholarship: What It Is and Who It Honors

by H+K Global

August 28, 2018

The Dave Robinson International Scholarship: What It Is and Who It Honors

Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson was president and CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies for Australia, Middle East, Africa, South and Central Asia, when he suddenly passed away in 2012. Those who knew Dave Robinson would say he could be counted on to see the other side of things, to be the devil’s advocate, to challenge the conventional approach with … Read more

First Things First: A Strong U.S. Dollar

First things first: We heard a lot about the strong dollar last week, whether it was in the president’s comments about the Federal Reserve, the resumption of trade talks between the U.S. and China, or the implementation of 25-percent tariffs by the U.S. on another $16 billion of Chinese goods. The U.S. trade deficit on … Read more

What we’ve been up to – 24 August 2018

Launching a new app, educating the masses towards a more sustainable London, and coordinating the biggest H+K event of the year – What hasn’t happened here at H+K is more the question. For the last six weeks, our E+I team were conducting a whistle-stop tour of the country to educate audiences on the benefits and … Read more

First Things First: The Power of Independents

Jack’s thoughts on making sense of what is going on behind the headlines. First things first: When looking at American politics, we tend to focus on the Democrats and the Republicans, but if independent voters were an organized party it would be bigger than either of them. I’m seeing a big increase in independent American … Read more

The H+K Interview: George Tagg, Jr. on Government + Public Trust

Public mistrust of government is unsettling the status quo. Fewer than two out of 10 Americans believe Washington is working on their behalf, polls show. Elected officials, meantime, are increasingly finding themselves in the cross-hairs, accused of all manner of misdeeds and broken promises. Chief among these complaints is lack of transparency. But there are steps … Read more

First Things First: Decline of the Chinese Yuan

Jack’s thoughts on making sense of what is going on behind the headlines. First things first: An interesting debate is emerging regarding the decline of the Chinese yuan relative to the dollar. Since the beginning of the summer, the yuan has dropped 6 percent to its lowest point in just over a year. This is the first time … Read more

What we’ve been up to – 10 August 2018

We are over half-way through the year and on the tail end of the hottest summer in 15 years, so what can we show for it so far? The month of July not only saw the world come together for the FIFA World Cup but the 2018 Wimbledon Championships stole the hearts of many with … Read more

The Phoenix: H+K Hits the Road


Graphic designer Shannon Wright is working remotely from an RV for two years while traveling across the U.S. We asked her to document this unique experience. Here’s part one:  When I got the call, our dream of road tripping around the country had seemingly gone up in flames. I answered the phone, in the middle … Read more

Jack's Perspective: Company Values

Increasingly, consumers are putting their money where their values are. This insistence that brands embody their customers’ values has created upheaval in the business world where we’ve long been taught to keep our opinions to ourselves, but also I think this creates an opportunity for us. Three new surveys out recently say the public is … Read more

Strategic Partnerships: How the Government Innovates


Conventional wisdom holds that governments are not particularly good at innovating. And while there are plenty of examples to support that notion, there is also a growing and global portfolio of examples that suggest quite the contrary. A few examples: Providence, Rhode Island, USA: Children from lower-income families weren’t being exposed to enough spoken words … Read more