What we’ve been up to – 5 October 2018

by H+K United Kingdom

October 5, 2018

What we’ve been up to – 5 October 2018

While October is our busiest time of year, incoming new business doesn’t slow down the exciting work we do for our clients. Our Technology team recently hosted a ‘Fly Like Spyro’ indoor skydiving experience at Bottrop for press and creators across ten markets. They arrived to see our Spyro branded car outside, a BBQ and … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Announces New Global Structure

NEW YORK, October 5th, 2018 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) announces, effective immediately, the formation of a new leadership team with the appointment of Richard Millar and Lars Erik Grønntun as Global Presidents, reporting jointly to Jack Martin, Global Chairman and CEO. In addition, we have reviewed the role of SJR in light of its dramatic … Read more

First Things First: Globalization


First things first: Want to point your attention to a remarkable speech by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Addressing the Trade Unions Congress conference in Manchester recently, Archibishop Welby made the religious case for economic justice, arguing that that the “bible is political from one end to the other.” Where his remarks truly caught my attention, … Read more

Conservative Party Conference Round-Up

Expectations were high ahead of Conservative Party Conference this year. The party had work to do in convincing the public and the media that the party was not at risk of splitting down the middle over Brexit and the lack of support for Theresa May. The last four days in Birmingham have shown that the … Read more

Theresa May: Dancing Queen

In case you don’t remember the disaster that was Theresa May’s conference speech last year, let me remind you. The speech was her first conference speech after losing her majority in the House of Commons. Not only did May personally apologise to the Party for the disastrous presidential-style campaign, someone in the crowd handed her … Read more

Slim pickings for financial services

This year’s Conservative Party Conference was never going to be filled with heavy policy announcements. The timings of the Brexit negotiations, as well as the cautionary approach of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor meant that delegates knew not to expect fireworks. However, this doesn’t mean there wasn’t a couple of good nuggets in there. … Read more

Johnson’s place in British politics: fringe outsider or party leader contender?

Boris Johnson has been making waves after his speech at a ConservativeHome fringe event on Tuesday at Conservative Party conference. His speech, perhaps one of the most anticipated at the conference, drew crowds that certain former Cabinet colleagues might have looked at jealously. From his resignation to his gallop through an Oxfordshire “field of wheat” … Read more

The spectre of Brexit

The idea was simple. The EU had dominated Thatcher’s leadership, Major’s leadership, and now Cameron’s leadership as well. A referendum would put the issue to bed for a generation. Cameron must have been quite pleased with his cunning plan. But then he lost. The grand idea of putting the EU question to bed, has instead … Read more

Female Leadership: The Organizational Reputation Driver

Female Leadership

Female leadership’s contributions to organizations and companies is indisputable. In high-level positions, women and men’s perspectives actually complement one another. Women demonstrate many skills, such as advising others, achieving objectives, developing projects and finding solutions. Their other strengths include reconciliation, horizontal and inclusive leadership, multitasking and empathy. An analysis by McKinsey & Company shows that … Read more

Adgully’s Powerful Women Influencers 2018: Kavita Rao

Kavita Rao, CEO of H+K India was named one of the most powerful women influencers in 2018 by communications trade publication Adgully. View the original article below. What is the maxim that you adhere to professionally? I have three . One, dream big because when you can dream it, you can achieve it. Two, deliver … Read more