Regeneration of Spreadsheet Phil?

by H+K United Kingdom

October 1, 2018

Regeneration of Spreadsheet Phil?

Philip Hammond, in a way, had an easy job at Conservative Party Conference – take to the stage, set out the financial agenda for the Conservative Party in the next twelve months and make it more digestible than John McDonnell’s proposals last week. His speech on Monday in Birmingham was impassioned and for Philip Hammond, … Read more

Is British transport back on track or still stuck in the tunnel?

This speech was always going to be a tough one for the downtrodden Chris Grayling. The Transport Secretary’s recent endeavours in the job have earned him the less-than-flattering nickname of ‘failing Grayling’. Perhaps more than many of his colleagues, Grayling needed a good speech today to secure his position. The conference comes in the wake … Read more

Deal, or no deal?

Brexit is the big issue at the Conservative Party’s annual conference, so you would be forgiven for assuming, just days away from the final deadline for Britain to agree its departure deal, that the Brexit secretary’s speech would be a highlight. However, perhaps reflecting the deadlock in negotiations, he was left, figuratively, rather speechless. Speaking … Read more