European Elections 2019: As the political landscape shifts, no clear path to victory

by Thomas Wimmer

Managing Director
April 11, 2019

European Elections 2019: As the political landscape shifts, no clear path to victory

For quite some time, European parliament elections have been considered second-tier elections with little domestic political significance. But the upcoming elections may become a decisive vote on the future of the European Union. The European political landscape has changed over the last few years – quite substantially in some countries – and with it, the … Read more

The Paradox of Choice in the Democrat Race for 2020

This content was originally posted on Fox 5. Is there too much of a good thing when it comes to choices? Our U.S. Director of Behavioral Science, Lilly Kofler, discusses choice overload according to behavioral science and PR and how we can use decision theory to help Democratic candidates better communicate with voters. To read … Read more

European Elections 2019: A diminished French influence in the next European Parliament?

With the French electorate losing faith in the country’s traditional parties (referring mainly to the Parti Socialiste and Les Républicains), French influence within the European Parliament could be set to take a significant blow following May’s European elections. When more MEPs in the main pan-European groups (EPP and S&D) generally means more top jobs, the … Read more

Voters choose “comic relief” in Ukraine’s presidential race

Kyiv, Ukraine. April 23. Famous comedian and political novice Volodymyr Zelensky has won the April 21, presidential run-off vote in Ukraine beating incumbent President Petro Poroshenko. Exit polls show voters favoring the 41 year-old Zelensky by 73% of the vote while the 53 year-old Poroshenko, who has been in power since 2014, receiving just under … Read more

Better Ice Breakers

We know ice breakers can help kick off a meeting in a relaxed, positive way, but do they always have to be so… awkward? We’re here to accomplish something, so why do I need to know what book my colleague from HR would take to a desert island? Does anyone really need me to tell … Read more

European Elections 2019: Triple jump of two elections, new government and the EU presidency

During this spring, Finnish people have two direct opportunities to influence the direction of Europe. We already had parliamentary elections on 14 March. In the coming weeks, the results of this election will culminate in a new government, which will form and advance our national policy on Europe. At the end of May, we will … Read more