Not “either/or” but “yes, and”: Humans trust algorithms more than we think

by Peter Zandan

Global Vice Chairman
June 28, 2019

Cannes Q&A: Superhope with GOSH

Cannes Superhope

The true value of communications can only really be seen when real business impact is delivered. GOSHxSuperhope is a leading example of a PR campaign with creativity at its heart, based on real market insights, executed across multiple platforms and that delivered against business objectives. We asked Emily Cope-Smith, who led the campaign, a few … Read more

Cannes Q&A: WheelSwap with Ford

Cannes WheelSwap

More people are using today’s roads – on two and four wheels – all vying for the same space, leading to tension and accidents. Ford created WheelSwap, an immersive empathy experience, to help make roads safer, taking it to five countries to determine its impact. We asked Gina MacCarthy, Head of Brand Comms for Ford, … Read more

Cannes Q&A: Enlightenment Trail with NORAD

Cannes Enlightenment Trail

We created the world’s first true global goals summits on actual summits – mountains all over Norway. To enlighten Norwegians, we did it at night with the Enlightenment Trails. Over the past four years, 55,000 hikers have lit up mountains and summits all over the country, educating Norwegians about the 17 goals. Following our NORAD … Read more

Cannes Q&A: The Pioneers with HSBC

Pioneers Cannes

We turned HSBC from sponsors to storytellers to reach fans and non-fans alike. We researched, scripted, produced and published an ambitious two-part feature length documentary, The Pioneers, about the USA Sevens rugby team. It was broadcast in primetime by NBC at no cost to HSBC and has achieved more than 1.8M views on social media, … Read more

Winning in the Court of Public Opinion

A recent global research shows that 73% of companies admitted they are not prepared for a crisis. This staring peril is just exacerbated with the frequency of natural catastrophes ascending under global warming and the macro-economic and geopolitical environment getting increasingly complex in all major continents today. In this Q&A, Ms Nan Dong and HKIoD … Read more

Q&A: Leading H+K’s Global Diversity Program during Pride


As Global Communications + Culture Director, Melissa Quackenbush’s responsibilities encompass leading H+K’s global diversity program and managing the company’s employer brand across platforms such as its Careers site, LinkedIn and Glassdoor. She also supports global employee experience initiatives from a strategic planning and communications perspective. Since she joined H+K in 2007, she has worked in … Read more