May’s foreshadowed resignation kick starts the crowded leadership race

by Henry Groundes-Peace

Director, Financial + Professional Services
July 20, 2019

One Question – Does Purpose really drive Profit?

In the late 80s, the City of London was transformed through Big Bang’s deregulation of the stock market and the explosive growth in financial services that ran its 20-year course until the Financial Crisis in 2008. This bull market fostered a culture in banking and business focused on the pursuit of Profit. It was a … Read more

What’s In A Name? When Is A Veggie Chicken Burger Just A Veggie Disc?

We’ve been asking ourselves a lot of questions in the food and drink team here at H+K following a debate earlier this month by members of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee. Its members have recently backed a proposed ban on vegetarian and vegan products using any terminology what-so-ever that is traditionally associated with meat on … Read more

News: Claire Holden appointed Chief Innovation Officer at H+K London

May 7, LONDON – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K), international public relations agency, has appointed Claire Holden as Chief Innovation Officer for its UK operation. Holden was previously Managing Director of H+K UK’s retail and leisure practice and creative director of integrated communications. “Our clients are adapting to an ever-changing world, and so are we,” said Holden. “That means we … Read more

Brexit: The latest from Westminster

In any ‘normal’ week at Westminster the chancellor’s spring statement would be main stage, last night and again today, the Commons hurtled into unknown political territory with a series of Brexit related votes, firstly last night’s second heavy defeat of the government’s withdrawal plan and then parliament’s turn this evening and tomorrow to narrow down … Read more

The solace of secure quantum computing

“The only way to beat a machine is with another machine.” – Alan Turing A recent story that physicists reversed time using quantum computing immediately grabbed my attention. It is a great read about how scientists restored a quantum computer to the state it had been in a moment earlier. I find this mind-blowing and confusing in … Read more

Podcast: Introducing People Not Patients from H+K Health

H+K Managing Director of Health, Jess Walsh and Health Content + Publishing lead, Jessi Langsen, launch a new podcast this week called People Not Patients.  In Episode One, they lay out why they wanted to create a space for this conversation, where the name ‘People Not Patients’ comes from, and an excellent recommendation for cold robot … Read more

Living Dangerously

I’ve never been on a motorcycle, I avoid roller coasters and I only cross the street when the light turns green. I consider myself a pretty safe person – tottering around in stilettos after two glasses of prosecco is probably as close to living dangerously as I get. I tend to buy Big Brands because … Read more

Whether we want to or not, we need to talk about Brexit

Last week we hosted a Q&A on what Brexit means for the food and drink industry – and despite our forthcoming departure from the EU (whatever that eventually looks like) being the biggest thing to happen in food and drink since WWII, it seems the category is woefully under-prepared and often internally mis-aligned. Around half … Read more