Labour conference latest: The call for a general election

by Mike Blakeney

Account Director, Energy + Industrials
September 25, 2019

Labour conference latest: The call for a general election

The dramatic twist and turn of UK politics continued this week – the early end to the opposition Labour party conference in response to the extraordinary ruling from the Supreme Court that parliament was, against the wishes of the government, still in session. The earlier suspension, granted by the Queen on the advice of her … Read more

Behind every great tech there’s a great human

If you type the word ‘technology’ into a Google insights tool[1], the results will throw up top related queries; ‘will technology save us’, ‘can technology save the planet’, ‘why technology is bad’, ‘when technology fails’. The queries are revealing but they simply confirm what we’ve already learnt in the last few years – technology is … Read more


Creativity+Opportunity Creativity+Opportunity will explore how best to cultivate, use and share the opportunities created by change. Our diverse panel of speakers will share how they have embraced the power of opportunity to transform their own lives, their businesses and society. Key information: Date: Thursday 3rd October, 2019 Time: 09:00-14:00 Location: Knowledge Centre Theatre, The British … Read more

Honestly, a vote for technology can be a vote for good

The Great Hack left me a little bruised. The Netflix documentary which explores Cambridge Analytica’s use of data in elections throws up a lot of questions. Was data misused and the public misled in the run up to the Brexit referendum? The fact that the answer is not a straight No should be enough reason … Read more

Here We Grow: Top UK brands share the secrets of their success at Kantar Talks

Yesterday we went to Kantar Talks. BrandZ presented its annual report on the top 75 most valuable UK brands – with Vodafone in at number one – and outlining the key drivers that make for an impactful brand – salience, meaningful difference and relevance. These areas were measured against financial growth. The topic for the … Read more