The red wall left crumbling

by Mike Blakeney

Account Director, Energy + Industrials
December 13, 2019

The red wall left crumbling

It’s obvious looking at the numbers that last night was a disaster for Labour, but when you dig deeper, it gets worse. The Tories have managed to make inroads into what are supposed to be Labour heartlands. The much-discussed red wall stands intact, but has reduced in size and is riven with holes. People like … Read more

Election Day

Today is the day, after a six week campaign the UK votes in a General Election, the third in four years – unusual frequency for Britons. The day will be politics free, but for the few private moments between voter and ballot paper. Polls close at 22:00 tonight, at that point we see the closely … Read more

The best-laid plans of Corbyn and McDonnell

With just a day to go until polling day, Labour is now in panic mode. While the party has rebounded in polls in recent weeks – primarily because voters are focusing on more traditional policy areas like healthcare and housing where Labour is stronger – the Tories have maintained their lead, including in some Labour … Read more