Improvising: Reframing our lives in a lockdown

by Alice Hodgson

Editorial Manager, Technology
March 31, 2020

Improvising: Reframing our lives in a lockdown

‘Do you remember when the UK finally went into lockdown?’ will be the question our future selves nostalgically ask. I was on a Zoom call with nine others for a makeshift improv class, pondering connection, freedom and how to overcome the time-lapse – so we missed the announcement. But it was a fitting moment to … Read more

Are we all brands with Purpose now?

Welcome or not, this strange time in which we are currently living is a time for reflection for many.  Never has the global commons shut down to this extent, leading to a collective reassessment of our role as people, as communities and as an international order and the impact we want to have. The same … Read more

Our common cause can take us further than we think

Every single one of us spends hundreds, probably thousands, of pounds on shared experiences every year. We dream about them, we seek them out, we soak up every last drop of pleasure from them. And then we yearn for the next one. Until now. This unprecedented shared experience. This unwanted shared experience. This ultimate shared … Read more

Bridge or bailout?

This post was originally published on CBI. Politics is simple. It is events that complicate matters. The remarkable speed at which coronavirus has overwhelmed the British economy means that the rules of the game have changed. For many CBI members, the cliff edge is in view and possible casualties far reaching. As a former Special … Read more

‘Hacking’ WFH: The behavioural science behind effective remote working

Zoom conference calls, unexpected background interruptions, and the eternal question of what’s an acceptable dress code – these are just some of the considerations workforces around the world are facing with social isolation being the new normal. While large-scale remote working may be a new reality for many of us, it has been the subject … Read more

NEWS: Research reveals appealing to our best nature is the most effective way to communicate through Covid-19

19 March 2020, LONDON – Appealing to people’s good nature and sense of community are the most effective ways to communicate crucial public health messages, including preventing stockpiling food and other essentials in response to Covid-19. Research undertaken by Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K), an international communications agency, aimed to identify the most effective ways to land … Read more

Home Alone: the psychological impact of self-isolation – and how employers can help

This article was authored by Victoria Entwistle, Director of People and Purpose, and Dan Berry, Director of Behavioral Science, H+K UK. Organisations are planning for the next phases of the coronavirus, which for many will include more remote working and self-isolation. Best practices in planning is checking staff can work remotely, rescheduling events to become … Read more

The Budget: Getting it done

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak delivered his first budget this afternoon. Just over a month into the job, the preparing this first budget after the UK left the EU was always going to be a tough gig for Sunak but the task of fiscal planning has been all the harder against the backdrop of … Read more

Changing behaviour to slow coronavirus spread is easier said than done

The UK remains in the ‘containment’ phase of the coronavirus outbreak. For the majority of us who’ve not travelled to affected areas overseas, the NHS advice focuses on hand washing, sneezing into tissues, and avoiding touching our faces with unwashed hands. These behavioural changes are crucial to slowing the virus’s spread. But while seemingly simple, … Read more