UK-US FTA: The watch outs for financial services

by Henry Groundes-Peace

Director, Financial + Professional Services
July 14, 2020

UK-US FTA: The watch outs for financial services

With so many challenges, changes, concerns and opportunities in the in-trays of financial services executives, I hesitate to add a further ‘watch out’. However, one of the most significant international trade negotiations of the last decade has started in the background of the last two months as the UK and US seek to establish a … Read more

Moving people, goods and services in a post-lockdown era

Cities in the UK are home to almost 85% of the population and are a hive of innovation and business opportunities. However, they are also marred by bureaucracy and aging infrastructure. In a post‑lockdown era people, goods and services will move in a very different way, driven by new political agendas and consumer behavioural change … Read more

Sunak’s Summer Statement: Spinning Plates

It isn’t easy being Chancellor of the Exchequer at the best of times. In the midst of a recession, caused by a global pandemic, it is a forbiddingly difficult job. One SpAd to a former Chancellor described his old boss’ role as ‘walking a tightrope whilst juggling with fire or spinning plates’ – of course lots … Read more

Top Shots: COVID-19 Through the Lens

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, as the saying so often goes. Today, we live in an extra-visual society; in the digital age, we are flooded with images across social platforms and hero images bring stories to life in the mainstream media. Many believe that an image conveys more meaning and essence to the … Read more

NEWS: GN Hearing appoints H+K as GAOR after competitive pitch

July 7, 2020, LONDON – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K), leading international public relations agency, has won the global agency of record mandate for international hearing aid manufacturer, GN Hearing. H+K London will provide strategic counsel and deliver purpose-driven creative campaigns through a long-term partnership for GN Hearing, which recently celebrated its 150th year. Based in Denmark, GN Hearing … Read more