NEWS: Making sure everyone is EquALL at H+K

by H+K United Kingdom

September 30, 2020

NEWS: Making sure everyone is EquALL at H+K

EquALL is H+K London’s framework, started to create a louder culture of equity at our company, a culture where you can achieve and belong. Our EquALL movement was born two years ago out of a desire to look deeply at equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the agency across a broad definition that included ability, age, … Read more

NEWS: Tanya Joseph joins PRCA Board of Directors

LONDON, 28th September, 2020 Tanya Joseph MPRCA, Managing Director, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, and Digital Strategist, Rax Lakhani CMPRCA have been appointed to the PRCA’s Board of Directors. The appointments were ratified at the PRCA AGM on 24 September. Tanya is one of the industry’s most respected practitioners, having worked across public affairs, policy and campaigning in … Read more

How we can fuse IRL with URL to deliver first-class brand storytelling

We’ve just come out of delivering two virtual media experiences for adidas; launching the new X Ghosted football boot and celebrating the brand’s latest innovation in running footwear. These were the brand’s first full-scale online events for global media and influencers, adapting the approach to storytelling following COVID-19. Their success – the effectiveness and efficiency … Read more

The new sheriffs for financial services

With the onslaught of Government and regulatory announcements happening every day, the City needs to know who to watch and when to take notice. Here is a breakdown of the two key new decision-makers who are taking up their roles in October, their approaches and priorities for new policies and regulatory changes that will impact … Read more

The football blogger whose life has changed forever

This week the life of a football blogger in South London changed forever. Dan, the Crystal Palace fan behind Twitter handle, blog, and daily podcast HLTCO finally hit the subscriber numbers he needed to quit his job and focus full time on his popular channel. As a fellow Crystal Palace fan who has followed Dan … Read more

Are renewables becoming normalised?

Seeing a facemask on the street used to be rare – but over the summer they have become an essential part of our daily lives whether we are shopping in Sainsbury’s or heading into the office. Nearly every high street clothing chain now has its own style and someone has even paid $1.5m for a … Read more

Can we Depoliticise Net Zero?

This week there has been an abundance of news related to climate change and the threats and opportunities posed to our existence from our role as a dominant species with limited resources. From the CFTC report on climate risk in the US to the WWF’s mighty biennial Living Planet Report, and from the blockade of some … Read more