What is behind government thinking on connectivity?

by Casey Calista

Public Affairs Strategist, Technology
October 30, 2020

What is behind government thinking on connectivity?

COVID-19 changed everything – especially our attitude towards technology and the exponential rise of the importance of connectivity. While the pandemic keeps us in our homes, connectivity allows us to learn online, doctors to consult patients using telemedicine, and many of us to work from home. From being a nice-to-have, the government’s focus has shifted … Read more

Sitting in Limbo: A BHM Conversation

We held a special Black History Month ALLinspiration session last week, where we were joined by Sitting in Limbo: director and Bafta Rising Star, Stella Corradi, and editor and documentary film-maker, Lee Mckarkiel. Sitting in Limbo tells the story of the Windrush scandal through the real experiences of a Jamaican-born British man, Anthony Bryan, one of its victims, … Read more

Black voices within the journalism industry to follow

The power of storytelling has never been so important, and if 2020 has shown us anything, it is that Black voices within media and journalism are needed more than ever before. In 2016, research from City University London revealed that a staggering 94% of the journalism industry is white, whilst only 0.2% are Black. A … Read more

What price our health?

Sustainability is about looking to the future. It is about developments that meet the needs of society at the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable systems across all industry sectors are the foundation for our collective futures. Individuals and companies can and must play their part in … Read more

Keeping Innovation in London Open

Proud to be a member of London & Partners Open Innovation Fellowship I love London and always have. Growing up in Essex, going into the city was always a highlight of the calendar. A place where everything was bigger and brighter; where there was always something new to explore; and where so many diverse experiences … Read more

NEWS: H+K launches communications + PR podcast, Hear+Know

This week saw the launch of the first season of our new agency podcast: Hear+Know. Inspired by the myriad of talent that we have, work with, and admire, we’ve invited senior leaders across the UK agency to take to the mic with their favourite guests across sectors. Joined by some of the brightest minds in … Read more

Black History in Our Industry

To mark Black History Month in the UK, we’re sharing a special series dedicated to celebrating the community across October and beyond. First up: a look at Black history in the PR and Communications industry. 2020 has been a decisive year for the Black community. After protests took place around the world following the murder … Read more