Why consumer finance brands need to go back to basics in 2021

by Zoe Blackburn

Associate Director, Financial + Professional Services
December 10, 2020

Why consumers should flock to Fleets

In the world of social media, the fleeting moment is having its hour. Last week, Twitter became one of the last major social media platforms to facilitate ephemeral messaging when it introduced ‘Fleets’. Snapchat first made this mode of communication popular with ‘Snaps’, which evolved in 2013 into its Stories feature. Instagram eventually followed suit … Read more

Falling Out of Style: Lessons from Arcadia

My friend messaged me on Friday last week – “Hels, I’m worried about Topshop. Should I panic buy jeans?” Clearly, this is a sign that Topshop once had a loyal consumer – perhaps still does – but it sadly wasn’t enough to keep the business afloat and competing in 2020. So how did Philip Green … Read more