Let the sunshine into Westminster

by Henry Groundes-Peace

Director, Financial + Professional Services
April 27, 2021

Let the sunshine into Westminster

Sleaze creates a quagmire for lobbying and the UK political process. It drags down the whole environment and its effect on the public perception of the industry is truly one of the most frustrating aspects of a career in public affairs. People are quick to associate your work with the underhandedness of former politicians who … Read more

Resilience and choosing to take up space: H+K London in conversation with Poorna Bell

To close out our month-long period of reflection, inspiration and celebration for International Women’s Day, we invited award-winning journalist and author, Poorna Bell, for an in-conversation session with MD of Technology, Sport and Entertainment, Charlie Morgan. For many of us, Poorna Bell’s journey and work epitomise how we as individuals and as communicators are striving … Read more

Sport is a platform to empower climate action, not camouflage inaction

I’m going to take my cue from a recent Simon Sinek post which I applauded (virtually, of course): “The primary ingredient for progress is optimism.” I’ve read a lot about ‘sportswashing’ recently. Companies and organisations that may be heavy polluters using sport to camouflage their inaction on important issues like climate change. That may be true … Read more

Why brands shouldn’t forget the humble Q+A

There’s been much debate over at H+K (by which I really mean over Teams) this week about the Volkswagen/Voltswagen name change debacle. I can easily picture the brainstorm where someone came up with the concept. And you know what? I think I’d have supported the core idea. It’s a clever play on words, demonstrates a … Read more