Chris Pratt

Chris has worked in communications and advocacy for more than 20 years. He has deep and broad experience in building multi-stakeholder forums to address sustainability issues and developing implementation strategies to deliver impact. 

Chris’ work in sustainability began through his work on the energy transition and supporting clients from higher emitting sectors to develop strategies to decarbonise and scale up rapidly. He also worked with several multi-stakeholder initiatives to tackle environmental challenges ranging from plastic pollution, climate change and to promote solutions like the circular economy.

He has worked with clients to set targets, and report and communicate their sustainability strategy. He has also worked on discrete environmental issues such as pharmaceuticals in the environment and compliance with voluntary reporting standards in corporate transparency around lobbying on climate change. 

Helping organisations to change behaviours of employees, consumers and the general public has been a particular focus. This has included work on improving energy efficiency and several mass campaigns on smart meter usage and the promotion of electric vehicles. 

His work has included advising the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, IKEA, Duracell, Bayer, HSBC, Meta, WPP, E3G and Anglo American and the US Cotton Trust Protocol. 

Chris lived in and worked for H+K in the Middle East for five years. Before joining H+K he worked in public affairs and corporate communications in the UK and EU for clients in the technology, charity, financial services, and entertainment sectors. 

Chris graduated from Kingston University, England with an honours degree in Business Studies and has a Masters in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge.