James Drewer

James has more than 20 years’ experience delivering public affairs and communications advice to politicians, NGOs and corporate clients.

An experienced political operator, he previously worked in politics and advised MPs in Westminster, including David Cameron and William Hague, as well as worked with politicians across the world on election campaigns. He advises clients on public affairs issues and engagement, including Lockheed Martin, Spotify, Rockwool and Aston Martin. 

James was previously a director at Sir Lynton Crosby’s C|T Group and Managing Partner responsible for public affairs at Maitland/amo (part of Havas). He has been involved in campaigns around global trade barriers, tariffs and anti-dumping measures and consulted on several high-profile public procurement bids for Government IT, defence and business process outsourcing contracts. He has advised clients involved in crisis situations, including the collapse of Carillion, the takeover of BHS, Government contract cancelations and helped clients that have suffered data leaks and cyber-attacks. 

James has led several award-winning environmental campaigns, including one to designate the world’s largest marine protection zone and provided media relations support for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the United Nations Foundation around the publication of globally significant reports.

James worked for David Cameron in 2010 and was a press secretary to two shadow cabinet ministers at Conservative Party HQ, he previously worked for William Hague and the Conservative party until the 2001 election. He has held political advisory roles in the energy, environment, and business front bench teams in the UK, as well as serving as a senior advisor to the President of Guyana in South America.