Philip Hammond is not particularly renowned as one of the House of Commons’ great wits, but he littered his Autumn Budget speech with dad jokes.

Taking aside the question of whether the Budget is the place for a stand-up routine, these were our top four:

1) The Hammond-May cough skit

In a playful nod to Theresa May’s infamous Party Conference speech, Hammond noted that he had come prepared – cue the Prime Minister passing him some cough sweets, laughs abound.

As BuzzFeed’s Jim Waterson noted, that must have been a fun trip for one of our future political stars:

2) The Hammond-May pun

When it came to discussing driverless cars, Hammond – seemingly quite randomly – noted that Jeremy Clarkson was not a fan. But of course this was just a set-up for another top joke:

“Sorry Jeremy, not the first time you’ve been snubbed by Hammond and May.”

3) ‘Economicky’

After Michael Gove said that Hammond was prone to using ‘long, economicky’ words in Cabinet, Hammond got his great revenge:

Showing his sense of humour, Michael Gove gamely retweeted it.

4) The obligatory pop culture reference

The Chancellor’s speech couldn’t pass by without a dig at Labour disunity or without a pop culture reference – luckily having the former leader of Labour in Scotland’s take part in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ provided Hammond had the perfect way to combine the two:

“There’ll be plenty of others joining Kezia Dugdale in saying ‘I’m Labour, get me out of here’.”

Boris Johnson will have loved that one.

And did the joke-filled speech go down well?