Bombay Sapphire has long supported the world of creativity, design and innovative ways of thinking. The brand believes imagination makes the world a more inspiring and uplifting place. The Imagination Series aims to bring this to life by injecting imagination back into film and sparking the creativity of future filmmakers. The programme offers people the chance to make their own short film based on Academy Award® winner Geoffrey Fletcher’s script and co-create assets with credible industry partners.

Having seen proven success and hype surrounding the programme in 2012 and 2013, Bombay Sapphire asked H+K to draw on the assets and connections realised in previous years once again, to promote the five winning films, and also to celebrate the BAFTA award winner announced in February 2014, as a result of the Imagination Series platform.

H+K reviewed and built upon their 2012/13 learnings and connections to make 2014, year three of this three-year programme, a credible success in the eyes of Hollywood actors, directors, producers and promoters. Previous successes were analysed and built upon for the Imagination Series to stand confidently on their own two feet in 2014.
To further amplify the 2014 coverage, a global partnership with the Jotta network was negotiated. This involved editorial content across Jotta and their three partner networks, Shooting People, Mubi and onedotzero. All activity was supported across their social platforms.

H+K knew that in order to excite global influencers and media about The Imagination Series, and to demonstrate that it is more than just another film competition, they had to tell the winner’s story in an interesting and engaging way. H+K planned to create a multitude of assets that would enable media and influencers to talk beyond normal film reviews and feature the story across multiple media channels and sectors.

From announcing The Imagination Series films to the world via the global newswire, securing a billboard in Times Square, to conducting global media outreach whilst supporting markets, H+K ensured the Imagination Series launch impacted globally across a range of platforms.

Conducting numerous interviews pre, during and post the event with the winners, as well as Geoffrey Fletcher and Bombay Sapphire spokespeople, 564 pieces of global coverage were secured with a reach of over 19 million. Highlights included a feature on LSN Global (one of the most influential global trend websites), inclusion on (a movie review blog founded by world renowned film critic and journalist Roger Ebert), and coverage across the Yahoo network.

With four consecutive years of activation, the WMIB programme has engaged over 20 markets, attracted top industry influencers, high profile brand partnerships and global media attention with a reach of over 150 million. In more recent years, the programme has been evolved to encourage consumer participation, with digital storytelling.