Envision Energy are a Chinese smart energy company with a bold ambition – “to heal the wounds of the world, starting with energy”. They chose H+K to build the company’s brand outside of China and bring their purpose to life.​
Our campaign has centred around a vision, called ‘Entopia’. Entopia is a vision for a future of ‘beautiful energy’ and centres around forming an Entopian Alliance of companies committed to a sustainable energy future, and making the Energy Internet a reality. ​
H+K created a new brand identity for Entopia, with a manifesto film, website and social channels, launching six weeks later at the global WindEurope Summit. ​
At WindEurope H+K provided strategic support to Envision, preparing a keynote presentation for Envision Founder and CEO Lei Zhang and implementing a media relations strategy which included two product press releases and numerous media interviews, resulting in tier-1 national and trade publication coverage.  ​
Across the show, H+K created touch points for the new Entopia brand, with the manifesto brand film playing at the booth and thorough the sponsorship of coffee stations around the show. ​
The next phase of the Entopia campaign will involve H+K branding an Entopia coffee shop in Shanghai, with an ongoing content + publishing programme and publishing partner to build awareness and engagement.