The Italian aperitif company announced the arrival to Argentina of its premium gin, the one with the fastest growth in the world. 

Buenos Aires, 16th of May, 2019 – Campari Group announces the arrival of Bulldog London Dry Gin to the Argentinian market, a new generation of gin that revolutionizes the premium market with its bold and refined style. With its English origin expresses the best of British gin with a transgressive touch, since its the first one to contain poppy and dragon eye in his recipe.

Bulldog differs from other brands by its unique formula, composed by twelve botanists from nine different countries, which express softness, complexity and distinction. Bold and daring also in appearance, its bottle ends in an iconic stud necklace, standing out for its original modern design.

The name comes from the nickname Winston Churchill, leader of the United Kingdom during the Second World War at the time of the resurgence, who represented the bravery on the side of the British, was called: ‘Bulldog Spirit ‘, implacable spirit, which transmits confidence and hope for the future.“With the arrival of Bulldog, Argentinians consumers will be able to enjoy a unique experience with this premium gin that is growing in the world. Thereby, we consolidate our position as the main supplier of premium spirits and aperitifs throughout the world and also in Argentina”  expressed Gustavo Oscar Domínguez, Campari South America General Director.

Campari Group adds Bulldog to its portfolio of premium brands with presence in the Argentinian market such as Aperol, Campari, Cinzano, Cynar, Grand Marnier, Skyy Vodka, Wild Turkey, among others.